May 19, 2022

Eid is always the moment that almost everyone looks forward to. The moment to meet relatives who have not seen each other for a long time, also the moment to eat food that can only be found during Eid. But don't be so mad that you don't think about what you eat to make your body "wide" during Eid. You must pay attention to the following tips so that your body does not go "wide" when Eid arrives.

Take care of eating

It's natural to miss the dishes that are usually served during Eid, but it's also important for you to keep an eye on what you consume to avoid a body that is already in good condition after a full month of fasting to become “eid-an”. The most important thing is to avoid overeating, especially for dishes that contain lots of coconut milk and fat, as well as sugary drinks. You can still enjoy it, but don't forget to keep it in moderation.

Keep exercising regularly

If you can't avoid eating typical Eid dishes, you should at least increase your quantity of exercise. So that what you eat can be burned back with the exercise you do. Try to prepare time for exercise even though it is still in the Eid atmosphere.

Wanting to maintain an ideal body condition does not mean that you can't enjoy typical dishes during Eid. The key lies in maintaining the portion you will eat and keep it accompanied by regular exercise.