Sit-Ups Can Burn Fat In The Stomach. Myth Or Fact?

June 15, 2022

Lack of knowledge of something often only makes the efforts that have been done become one hundred percent unsuccessful. It is the same with "knowledge" about sports which sometimes makes someone do something that is not in accordance with the actual facts. One of them is the opinion of sit-ups which are said to burn belly fat. Is this opinion fact or myth? Let's discuss.

A health and nutrition expert said that until now there has been no research that states that doing sports that are focused on one part of the body can burn fat in that particular part. Especially if in a series of sports that you do, you really only focus on doing that one exercise, which means you will not actually get significant changes in your body.

One spot reduction exercise to increase muscle mass
What is a misunderstanding about this one spot reduction exercise is that sports that are focused on one part of the body are indeed not able to provide significant changes in reducing body fat, but this one spot reduction exercise is good for increasing muscle mass in that body part.

Effective way to burn fat
Do exercise thoroughly and regularly. Increasing the intensity of exercise gradually is also one of the keys to the success of the exercise you do in the process of burning fat in your body. And finally, of course, by maintaining other supporting healthy lifestyles, such as getting nutritious food and having a healthy lifestyle. If you have done everything well, then the fat burning process in the body will take place optimally and you will get the desired results.

So you can start focusing on exercise as a whole instead of doing one spot reduction exercise. Doing a variety of sports movements will also keep you from getting bored while exercising because you don't just do the same movement every day. You can also consult with Gold's Gym to get the best exercise program that is suitable and in accordance with the goals you want to achieve