Lifestyle Trends That Are Still Popular In 2022

June 15, 2022

Discussions about trends circulating in the community seem to never end. Before one trend has ended, a new trend has emerged that is no less exciting. The trend that is no less crowded and changing is the trend of a healthy lifestyle. Especially during the pandemic, many healthy lifestyle trends have become choices for Indonesian people. What healthy lifestyle trends are still popular in 2022?

Adaptogenic Drinks
As we mentioned earlier, during a pandemic there are many healthy habits or lifestyles that we get used to. One of them is to regularly drink health drinks. Although the Covid-19 cases are now under control, the habits of those who are used to drinking these health drinks have become a common thing for them to do. Adaptogenic drinks include ashwagandha, ginseng, holy basil, and maca. These ingredients are said to be beneficial for calming the mind and providing a relaxing effect.

Outdoor sports
Social restrictions imposed by the government by closing indoor places such as the one experienced by fitness centers, make those who need facilities to keep exercising their brains so that they can still exercise despite social restrictions. So sports in the open are a fairly popular choice for many people to do, of course, still by carrying out health protocols.

Sustainable Lifestyle
This lifestyle not only has a good impact on the perpetrators themselves, but can also have a positive impact on the environment. Because a sustainable lifestyle is a lifestyle that makes you more environmentally friendly. Such as not wasting food so that it helps reduce food waste or shopping using your own shopping bag to reduce the use of plastic bags.
Some of these lifestyles are some good positive lifestyles for you to practice. The benefits are not only you who feel, but also can have a good impact on the surrounding environment. Start changing your way of thinking to choose trends with positive effects instead of following trends that are just a waste of time and have no positive value in them.