May 19, 2022

Vertigo is a symptomatic disorder due to disorders of the inner ear or brain. Usually people with vertigo will feel spinning when standing or around like moving and spinning. This of course will make it difficult for vertigo sufferers to exercise. But it turns out that there is a safe exercise for vertigo sufferers. Let's look at some sports that are safe for vertigo sufferers.


Already well-known as one of the sports that can provide a relaxing effect not only on the body but also for the mind, yoga is said to be able to train the brain to compensate for the causes of vertigo.

Marching in place

Also known as walking in place, this movement can help you to maintain balance when standing.


A 2018 study showed that Brandt-Daroff was effective at retraining the body so that it could safely deal with dizziness. This movement is a shift from a lying position to a sitting position. To do Brandt-Daroff, you'll need to use a soft surface, such as a bed or sofa.

It is important for you to know for sure the condition of your body before you decide to continue exercising with the condition as a vertigo sufferer. It's good to keep exercising regularly, but it's even better for you to take care of your body condition by recognizing the disease you are suffering from by asking the experts. So, for those of you who suffer from vertigo, don't forget to always consult your desire to continue exercising to the experts.