The Best Times to Workout During Ramadan Fasting

April 22, 2022

Exercising during fasting? Yes, you can do that! The fact is a workout when you’re fasting for Ramadan can actually help you burn more calories, although there are several important things that you must consider when doing it. One of those important things is to choose the right time to do it. Let’s talk about it!

Before Iftar

When fasting, you need to pay attention more to your body and the workout intensity. You’re recommended to not work out for more than 60 minutes. So, listen to your body carefully. If you start feeling dizzy, weak, or even nauseous, stop your exercises and take a rest immediately.

After Iftar

This is actually the best time to exercise during Ramadan. After breaking your fast with one or two light dishes, you can wait for about 1,5 hours and then start exercising. At iftar, you’ll recharge your energy, so you can choose any kind of workout that you want, whether it is high-intensity training or a light one. 

After Suhoor

Just like after the iftar workout, suhoor time is also a good time to exercise. But make sure that you only do a light workout so that you won’t lose much energy and can continue fasting during the day.

If you’re new to Ramadan workouts, you can always choose the light exercises. Don’t push yourself too hard because it’ll be risky and lead to a bad impact on your body.