4 Things You Should Avoid Before Exercising

February 28, 2022

No matter how hard you exercise, the results depend on your consistency, discipline, and your knowledge about things that you should and should not do during exercise. It is also important for you to know the things that you should avoid before exercising.

Training Without Purpose

Anything you do, whether it is related to workout or not, you need to set your goals first. It doesn’t have to be a complicated purpose, a simple one like “to be healthier” is nice too. Then you can set your detail purpose and plans. If you’re new and it’s a little bit confusing for you to define your goals, you can talk and discuss it with your Personal Trainer, tell them your need, what you want, and your Personal Trainer will help you to set the goals and plans that you need.

Eating Too Much Before Working Out

How do you feel when you finish eating too much? Unforcomfortable stomach and you’ll be too lazy too move. Since we need energy to train for a certain duration of time, it's not a good thing to do before exercising. You can eat in moderate portion and you’ll get enough energy you need during your workout.

Skipping The Warm-Up

A warm-up has so many benefits for your body and joints. Not only it will help you increase joint space, warm-up also stimulates the production of synovial fluid in the joints which facilitates joint movement. The recommended warm-up is dynamic warm-up and light cardio. Remember warming up is preparation, do it sparingly, don't get too tired when doing it.

Drinking Too Much

Enough body fluid is good for exercise, but not too much. Moderation is always the key, including drinking water. Too much water before exercise will only get you feel uncomfortable and won’t be good for your workout time.

Don’t start exercising only to follow the trend. It is also wise for you to be mindful and have at least basic knowledge about workout. You still have so many questions about workout? Our expert Fitness Consultant at Gold’s Gym will help you to answer those questions. Let’s join us today!