5 Important “Don'ts” to Pay Attention to For Maximum Exercise Results

April 22, 2022

The hunger you feel after exercising is something normal and natural. One thing to remember is don’t let that hunger trick you and make you uncontrollably eat everything after spending so much energy burning your calories, because the exercises that you did before will be worthless. So, what can you do instead? Here are the 5 important “don’ts” that you should to do get maximum exercise results!

1. Don’t Consume Too Much Protein

Putting protein into your diet can be good for your body, but just not too much. Just take the appropriate amount of it. In fact, some people may not need additional protein intake after working out, especially if your protein daily need is already met through the food you eat.

2. Don’t Eat Too Much

Control your portion size while eating is not only needed to improve the results of your exercise but also important to keep a balanced diet as it won’t be good for your health to always eat in large portions especially if you tend to have an unhealthy diet such as eating junk food and highly processed food.

3.  Don’t Consum Any Unhealthy Carb

After an intense workout for at least an hour, your body will need a high amount of glycogen to restore the energy that you lost during your training session. That is why you will need to eat healthy carbs that contain glycogen. You can find it in fruits, veggies, nuts, and whole grains. Drinking smoothies an hour after exercising can also be one of the best choices!

4. Don’t Forget to Drink Enough Water

Without realizing it, a runner will lose 50% of their body fluids when sweating. Even a light workout can get you dehydrated if you don’t drink enough water on a daily basis. To meet your daily water intake, you can weigh your body before and after exercise. For every kilogram you lose, you can replace it with 32 ounces of water.

5. Don’t Eat Just Everything

Just like point number 3, it is a must to keep your healthy diet when you’re on a training program. A study at Cornell University said that when you feel hungry, your brain will push you to eat high-calorie food. That’s why it’s always wise to always prepare your food to eat after your workout session.

One thing you should know is it will be a waste of time if you’ve been training hard but not getting the results you want because of your own mistakes. By knowing the 5 don’ts above, we hope that you will improve your exercise quality and get maximum results, the best results that are exactly what you want!