How to Exercise If You’re A Super Lazy Pers

July 5, 2021


Some people said they’re too busy to have a workout routine. Busy with work, school, and busy doing household chores. While in fact, some of us are just too lazy to start a workout routine, we often find excuses so that we don’t live a healthy lifestyle.

The fact is most people can do most exercises no matter how busy they are, and even if you are a super lazy person. So, if you’ve been having issues with laziness, here are the right “exercises” for you!

  1. Stand up 10 minutes for every 60 minutes.

For people who spend most of their time sitting on a chair, you need to make sure that you stand up every hour, at least for 10-15 minutes. When sitting too much, your legs cannot contract and pump blood throughout the body properly. By standing up at least 10-15 minutes an hour, your blood will flow properly throughout your body, from head to toe. You can even do it while watching TV.

  1. Running and listening to music

Start with listening to your favorite song, beat up and energetic song is better so it can give you more spirit while doing it. It is believed that running while listening to your favorite song will make you focus more on the song rather than the running duration. By doing that, you will unconsciously enjoy your running. You can add more of your favorite songs to your playlist to get a longer running routine.

  1. Use your fitness ball

Easy, not that I will tell you to exercise with this, but you can try sitting on your fitness ball while working on your desk. Sounds more fun, I guess? So, when you’re too busy finishing your projects, your abdominal, pelvic, thigh, and leg muscles will also tighten because they maintain your balance while sitting on the fitness ball.

  1. Stretch your body in front of the TV

Can’t wait to watch the new episode of your favorite TV show on Netflix? Don’t worry, we got a trick for ya! Instead of chewing the high calorie snacks on your couch, why don’t you just stretch your body while watching TV? It will give you more benefit for sure!