This is the cause of a flabby arm

April 1, 2022

For some people, especially women, sagging sleeves can reduce self-confidence, so they can't express themselves in terms of fashion. Actually what is making your arm sag and how to overcome it?

Hormonal Changes

The occurrence of hormonal changes in a person turns out to be more or less influential on the decline in body metabolism which can cause fat accumulation, one of which is in the arms. so that it can have an impact on the arm no longer being tight and flabby.


Or commonly known as obesity can also make your arms sag. When a person is overweight, of course the fat in his body is buried evenly, not least in the arms. Start paying attention to the food you eat to prevent your arms from sagging.

Lack of Physical Activity

If this one is certainly the main reason that comes to mind when you face a flabby arm condition. Because when someone lacks physical activity, whether it's just moving the body or exercising regularly, by meeting the physical activity needs of the body, it will help you avoid the condition of fat accumulating which can lead to sagging arms. Work all the muscles of your body, this burns more energy than you would just train your arms. Highly recommended for you not only aerobic exercise, but also weight training.

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