FOMO with Trending Sports Is it OK, as long as it is?

June 15, 2022

The term FOMO lately we hear more and more often. FOMO is a term in which a person is “fearful” of missing out on what is trending. The trend towards sports is no exception. But is FOMO good for sports? Let's discuss briefly.

You can FOMO for sports, as long as…

Interest in continuing to follow sports that are currently busy in the community can be a good thing when the sport is suitable for you to do. What does “fit” mean? Every human body has different abilities in carrying out activities that require more energy. If it turns out that your body is not able to carry out these sports activities, it is not the fit you get but the risk of injury or even other bad effects.

Get to know the sport

It would be better before you start wrestling with a trendy sport, you should find out the ins and outs about the sport. What needs to be prepared before starting to exercise, how to move, what are the benefits, and so on. After that then you start to match it with your body condition. Will you be able to do the sport or not. If it's not possible, don't force your will to keep running just because of that FOMO earlier.

Health is the most important

What's the point of not missing a trend if it's not doing you any good. Being healthy is good, but don't necessarily do everything to get that health without weighing the pros and cons of how to get it. With a professional PT at Gold's Gym, you will get the best exercise program and will be guided so that the movements you do are the right ones and you will get the results you want. Come on, join Gold's Gym now!