Workouts That Burn Calories Fast

December 17, 2019

Losing weight in order to achieve ideal weight and get a proportional body is not easy. In addition to maintain a balanced diet and nutritional intake, you also need to do proper exercise routine so that weight loss efforts are faster. When people want to lose weight, they will usually look for the most exercise and burn calories fast. This is because it burns body calories, is believed to be one of the effective ways to lose weight. Gold’s Gym has summarized various sources on some of the types of exercise that burn calories the fastest. Come, see the explanation!


1. Swimming

Lots of people like this type of sport. Swimming is one of the best sports to shape your body. The advantage of this exercise is that you don't need to be afraid to sweat and feel hot, because water will still make your body cool and cold. The calories that can be burned in one hour when you swim are around 720 calories in women, and 840 calories in men. One of the real evidence that swimming burns a lot of calories is when you finish swimming, then you will feel hungry. When doing swimming, your body will find it more difficult to move, so the energy needed to move will be very high, so burning a lot of calories occurs


2. Running

Running requires your body to move faster, then the number of calories to be burned will be even greater. Running is also very effective in forming every part of the body, from calves, thighs, to the stomach. Not only using a treadmill, running can also be done in an open space. Within an hour of running, you will at least lose 748 calories. When running, you should not overexert energy. So you need to pause and rest to take a breath for a while. Do not forget to also warm up and cool down to avoid injury.


3. Jump Ropes

Although it looks simple, jump rope is in fact very effective in burning calories because this one exercise will make your whole body move. When you jump rope for an hour, calories burned can reach 750 calories in women, and 850 calories in men.


4. Cycling

Cycling is also one of the favorite sports of many people. One hour of cycling, you can burn up to 1000 calories. An hour of biking with maximum intensity will help a 72 kilograms woman burn about 850 calories in her body. Even higher in men, which is around 950 calories.

There are many types of sports that you can try either at home or at the gym. Basically all sports are good for the body. You just need to try and choose which sport is most suitable for your body and goals. In addition to finding a suitable sport, you also need to commit and make a schedule so that exercise is more organized, so that the effort to lose weight becomes more effective.