The Importance of Warming Up Before Exercising

January 31, 2020

Doing exercise regularly, of course, will make the body healthy, especially for sports related to hobbies such as playing ball or basketball. However, exercise can be disastrous if you do it in the wrong step. One of the most important but often overlooked points is the obligation to warm up.


There are two types of heating that you can do, namely static and dynamic. This kind of warm-up can be adjusted depending on the needs and severity of the sport that you are going to live. Static heating is stretching with minimal movements. Usually every movement is done in a matter of 8 seconds. While dynamic warm-up is when you make additional movements such as running and walking.


So, how important is warming up before doing sports? Here are some benefits to be gained if you warm up before you start exercising.


  1. Prepare muscles to work hard.

When you exercise, you will improve the performance of the muscles. By warming up, you are like telling your body to prepare for a drastic increase in performance. If you don't warm up properly, the muscles will spasm and you will feel cramps.


  1. Avoid serious injury.

Naturally exercising should make your body fitter. However, without a good warm-up, you will easily get muscle cramps or pain after exercising. Often also occurs easily fatigue when exercising and cause you to make the wrong movements.


  1. Prepare mentally and make you more relaxed.

For certain types of sports such as soccer, basketball, or other types of sports that are contested, then in addition to physical, mental, you must also prepare properly. Feeling nervous and tense will make your muscles work harder. It also does not infrequently affect the ease you feel tired and often make mistakes when competing. So warming up is very important to make mentally more stable and more ready to exercise.


To get maximum results in warming up usually takes about 15-20 minutes. In addition, when you have warmed up and the body feels hot, then do small movements before starting to exercise, this is very important to maintain body temperature in the right conditions.