7 Benefits of Regular Exercise

February 10, 2020

Sports and other physical activities are often abandoned by many people. Though there are various benefits of exercise that will be felt if you do it regularly and continuously. These benefits are not only felt in the short term, but also in the long term. Sports itself is a body movement that makes the body burn calories and have an effect on the body as a whole. Some sports that can be done include running, swimming, yoga, and other sports of many types. As well as exercises performed at the gym also includes sports.

Here are 7 benefits that you will get if you exercise regularly.

1. Make you feel happier

Exercise has been shown to improve mood and reduce levels of depression and stress. Exercise can increase endorphins which function to produce feelings of happiness and reduce pain. Sports you do not have to be intense, whatever type of exercise will still make you feel happier.

2. Good for muscles and bones

Sport plays an important role in building strong muscles and bones. Physical exercise such as lifting weights can stimulate your muscles to grow faster when combined with good protein intake. In addition, exercise also helps bone strength when young, this can prevent you from having osteoporosis.

3. Helps to lose weight

Many studies that say that one of the biggest factors a person is overweight and obese is that they rarely do physical activity. Experts say that combining aerobic exercise with regular exercise can maximize weight loss and increase muscle mass.

4. Increase energy and stamina

Regular exercise can be an energy booster for both healthy people and those who are experiencing health conditions. Exercise can help reduce fatigue in a person's body. In addition, exercise can also increase energy especially for people affected by diseases such as cancer and HIV / AIDS.

5. Reducing the risk of diseases

Not exercising regularly can cause a person to develop chronic disease. Conversely, regular exercise can reduce the risk of developing the disease. Regular exercise has been shown to increase insulin sensitivity, cardiovascular health, reduce blood pressure and blood fats.

6. Boost your brain activity

Exercise can improve the working power of the brain and sharpen memory. This is caused by increased heart rate which can help flow blood and oxygen more optimally to the brain. In addition, exercise can also stimulate the production of hormones that can help the growth of brain cells.

7. Improve sleep quality

Regular exercise can make your body more relaxed and more restful. Increased body temperature during exercise can improve the quality of your sleep by lowering its temperature during sleep. You can choose whatever sport you want to do.