Tips to Prevent Body Shock After Working Out

September 28, 2021

Gyms have begun to be allowed to operate by the government, after being closed for a long time to help break the chain of the COVID-19 virus spread. Of course, Gold's People can't wait to get back into their fitness routine.

Here are some tips to prepare yourself physically and mentally before you head back to the club and start your workout routine.

Reset goals

Restarting a routine is certainly not easy, especially after a long break. One way to overcome this is to reset the goal to be achieved. Remind yourself why you started training in the first place and then set annual, monthly and weekly goals that you want to achieve. No need for grandiose big goals, make realistic targets. Feeling of success – the success of achieving small but realistic targets will motivate you to keep moving forward rather than having big goals but like walking in place.

Take before after picture

Take a photo of your body now before you head back to the gym. Then take photos of your body every week. See for yourself your current body shape and compare the changes every week.


Dropping class to go up the class

Since it's been a long time that you stopped exercising at the fitness center, our bodies experience a decline in performance or fitness. You will be excited to see your total endurance decrease. This of course is a natural thing, and what you need to do is lower your prestige by lowering the intensity or load of your workout. Increase the intensity of your workout slowly each week. Giving a heavy load to the body suddenly also puts your body at risk.

From now on, not later

The body must also be prepared and maintained its performance so that the level of fitness is maintained. You can start from home, you can start returning to your exercise routine even though the intensity level of the exercise is different from the fitness center. You can start by joining the online training from Gold's Gym at live.goldsgym.co.id so that fitness is maintained and of course, increases immunity during this pandemic.

If you have done the steps above, surely you are physically and mentally ready to return to exercising at the club. See you soon at your favorite club!