Take A Shower Immediately After You Exercise, Yes or No?

February 17, 2022

After intensely sweating during exercise, taking a shower is that one thing that you want to do immediately. The important question is, is it really okay to take a shower right after you exercise? Let’s talk about this!

The fact is taking a shower after working out will help you to soothe your muscles and joints sore and of course, clean you from sweat and other bacteria that you get from the heavy sweating. However, you are recommended not to take a shower immediately after your exercise. It is better to wait just for a moment. If you take a shower immediately after exercising, it is believed that it will affect your health.

You already know that when you work out, your heart rates and body temperature will increase. If you take a shower with that body condition, your blood vessels will be wider and you will increase the risk of sudden sicknesses, such as heart attack.

That is why the expert will always suggest you do cooling down first at least for 20 minutes. By doing it, your heart rate and body temperature will slowly go back to normal. After that, you will take a shower more safely. You can shower with cold or warm water, depending on your preference, as both of them have different benefits for your body. The most important thing is to give your body enough break before taking a shower!