Asthma and Exercise

November 29, 2021

Exercising is generally known to improve human cardiorespiratory fitness. It can simultaneously train the heart, lungs, blood vessels, and cells to distribute and absorb oxygen. Does this benefit also apply to someone who has asthma? The answer is yes, the same benefits of exercise can be obtained by those who have asthma through exercise.

But it needs special attention because aerobic exercise has the opportunity to trigger asthma symptoms. This is called Exercise induced asthma (EIA) or Exercise Induced Bronchoconstriction (EIB). These symptoms can occur even if you don't have asthma. But as mentioned earlier, you need to keep exercising regularly.

There are things that need to be considered for asthmatics if you want to exercise.

  1. Consultation

Consult your exercise plan with your treating doctor. To be able to adjust the use of inhalers or other medicine when you exercise and manage attacks during exercise.

  1. Warming up.

The warm-up prepares the body for the challenges of the workout. The body more easily adjusts to the increased intensity and demand for oxygen.

  1. Start slowly

Increase the intensity slowly. While observing yourself, whether asthma symptoms arise or not. It's okay to start cardiorespiratory exercise with just walking.

  1. Use your nose to breathe

Unlike the mouth, the nose is equipped with components that can filter air and humidify the air. Thus reducing the risk of entry of allergens or pollutants.

  1. Avoid triggers

Identify your asthma triggers. If your asthma trigger is dust, you can choose a clean exercise area. If your asthma trigger is pollution, you can exercise outdoors in the morning or use an air purifier when exercising at home.

Even if you have certain health conditions, you are still encouraged to practice regularly, but still pay attention to safety and efficiency. You can join Gold's Gym and choose a program with a personal trainer so that you get more attention from a personal trainer to maximize the efficiency of your body condition.