Overnight Oat, Healthy Menu Before Your Morning Exercise

August 27, 2019

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One thing that is often overlooked and considered trivial by many people is breakfast. In fact, breakfast is one of the most important parts if you want to go through the day smoothly. If you skip your breakfast, your body will be weak due to lack of energy, especially if you intend to exercise in the morning. However, there is a dilemma that occurs, if you do not have breakfast then the body will not be powered up and can even trigger problems afterwards, but if you eat breakfast, sometimes you even feel stomach ache. Then what is the solution?


Ideally, breakfast should be done 2 hours before exercising. The energy you get when you eat dinner is up during sleep, because during sleep your body keeps working and needs energy, for example to breathe and pump blood. Breakfast, especially before exercise is very important to increase blood sugar levels so that you get your energy source again. Some types of foods that are good to eat before exercising whole-grain breads or cereals, low-fat milk, juice, bananas, and boiled eggs.


For breakfast, you should not eat too much because it can cause the stomach to feel uncomfortable, stomach cramps, and even diarrhea. Likewise, if you eat breakfast in too small a portion, your body will lack energy, then weak even faint when you exercise.


Overnight Oat

Overnight oat is a food that is very popular lately among the people, especially among those who are on diet. Overnight oats are highly recommended for breakfast, especially before exercising in the morning. Oats contain high levels of fiber.


According to Harvard Health Publications, consuming 30 grams of fiber every day can help you lose weight and can certainly meet 13 percent of your body's fiber needs. Even the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center from the United States also added that oats can help you get rid of the distended stomach upset. It is also believed that someone who diligently eats breakfast with oats, will have a body that tends to be more ideal and far from the risk of diabetes.


In fact, the advantage of consuming overnight oats lies not only in the nutrients your body will get, but overnight oats is also one of the hassle-free breakfast menus. To enjoy overnight oats at breakfast, you can prepare them the night before. This certainly saves you time which will usually be busy and activities in the morning.


Oats are considered to have tastes that are too bland and not tasty, so there are still many people who choose not to consume them no matter how much nutrition is provided by oats. To get around this, you can process it by adding other food ingredients so that the oats taste better. Here is how to process oats to be delicious when enjoyed.


Ingredients for a jar of overnight oat:

  1. 1 cup of instant oats (no need to be cooked)

  2. Low fat milk (low fat or skim milk)

  3. Honey

  4. Toppings: bananas, strawberries, blueberries


How to make:

  1. Insert oats into the jar that has been prepared.

  2. Pour the milk.

  3. Add the crushed almonds or cut into small pieces.

  4. Add honey.

  5. Mix the contents of the jar thoroughly.

  6. Put it in the refrigerator, then you can eat it the next morning at breakfast.

  7. For fruit topping, you can mix it directly before putting it in the refrigerator, you can also give the fruit pieces as you wish when overnight oats are about to be eaten

Overnight oats can last up to 5 days in the refrigerator, that means you can make a few jar overnight for the next few days. Actually overnight can not only be eaten at breakfast, but also can be used as a nutritious snack when you are trying to impregnate something that does not interfere with your diet program.


Eating overnight oats is one way to expedite your diet program. This menu is perfect to be enjoyed in the morning before exercising in the morning. Regular exercise is an important factor that must be done in order to achieve the ideal body weight that you desire. In addition to exercising, of course you also have to maintain your diet, drink lots of water, and eat foods with balanced nutrition.

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