Is it Effective to Exercise Only 10 Minutes a Day?

April 1, 2022

Some people think that one has to do sports for hours a day to get maximum results. However, there are also those who say that a person only needs to exercise for 10 minutes every day to get the benefits of exercise. Then, is it true that only 10 minutes of exercise per day is effective for the human body? Let's discuss.

A study in the United States showed the results that by exercising for 10 minutes it can meet your exercise quota for one day. By maximizing 10 minutes of exercise, you will experience many positive effects, such as losing weight, improving your heart and lung fitness, and improving your cholesterol profile.

Another study was conducted on correspondents who had never previously exercised. Within 6 months, after regularly walking for 10 minutes a day, it was proven that there was an increase in heart function and fitness in their bodies. However, because the training duration is short, the intensity of the exercise is better at medium or high levels to get maximum exercise benefits.

When you do it regularly, diligently exercising for 10 minutes every day, then the positive impact you will feel for the next 10 years, even a lifetime. So, start setting aside your daily workout for 10 minutes and feel the difference!