How To Build Chest Muscle at Home

December 13, 2019


Having a muscular body is not just to support the appearance to be more attractive. In addition
to improving your posture, train your body muscles can also increase body metabolism. A
well-trained body muscle will keep you healthy and strong in old age. Muscles that experience
contractions make the body more sensitive to the hormone insulin and increase the ability of
muscles to use glucose. This can help your body burn blood sugar. This situation can ultimately
protect you from the risk of diabetes.

One part of the body that is often wanted to be formed by most people, especially men, is the
chest muscle. Men with broad chests will certainly look more attractive, especially in the eyes of
women. Are you among those who want to know how to build chest muscles? The following
Gold’s Gym has compiled from various sources about training how to build chest muscles that
can not only be done at the gym, but can also be done at home.

1. Push Up

Push up is the right step in to build chest muscles. Besides being able to train the chest
muscles, by doing push-up exercises on a regular basis will also form the muscles of other body
parts such as arm muscles. Push up exercises are one type of exercise that is easy and
commonly done to build chest muscles, arms, and shoulders. This exercise also does not use
tools and can be done anywhere, including at home.

2. Pull Up

One more way to form a popular chest muscle is pull ups. Pulling up is not as easy as imagined.
Pull ups have difficulty levels that exceed push ups. When pulling up, your body's weight will
really depend on the upper muscles only, namely the chest muscles, arms, back, and
shoulders. This is why pull ups are great for building chest muscles and other upper body.

3. Plank

Plank is one way to build chest muscles that is easy and fast. When doing planks, the muscles
around your chest will go the extra mile so that their formation is faster. Apart from not needing
any tools, planks can be done anywhere. You are advised to plank for 30-60 seconds on a
regular basis.

In addition to diligently doing exercises that can train muscles, another way to build chest
muscles is to pay attention to nutritional intake and rest periods. Like optimizing protein
consumption, because protein is one of the important ingredients in muscle formation. You
should also consume carbohydrates before exercise. Not only protein, the body also needs
enough carbohydrates. When carbohydrate intake in the body is sufficient, the body does not
need to take protein reserves from the muscles to make energy. So this will not reduce muscle