3 Ways to Build Your Arm Muscles

November 28, 2019


Having an ideal body, with optimal muscles and broad chest, is indeed the dream of many people. Both men and women want a proportional body like that. The other body part that people usually want to build is the upper arm. Building arm muscles tends to be easier and easier than, for example, removing belly and thighs fat. Gold’s Gym has summarized 3 ways to build arm muscles quickly. Check them out!


Exercises combination

First, the way to build arm muscles is to do the same exercise every week for three to five weeks. After that, you can start doing a combination of exercises to train your muscles more sensitive and eliminate boredom while doing the exercises. If you have a thin body, you can do weight training in one period to train the arm muscles and other body parts. Other types of exercises that you can do to increase arm muscles are push ups, curls, bench dips, and triceps down dogs.


Increase the intensity of eating

Exercise can burn carbohydrates quickly, so your body will need at least 300-600 calories from carbohydrates 2-3 hours before doing exercise. Some good carbohydrates that you can consume are potatoes, oatmeal, brown rice, and sweet potatoes. In addition, you also need fiber, protein, and fat that are useful for accelerating muscle growth. You can get these ingredients from meat and egg whites.


Consumption of amino acids

Protein-rich amino acids are very good for muscle gain. Bodybuilders often make amino acids a supplement. As a recommendation, amino acids are consumed as much as 10-20 grams before exercise, and are consumed again every 60-90 minutes during exercise.

Those are some ways to form the right arm muscles. To get an athletic and proportionate body, a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet, good sleep, and regular exercise are needed. Currently there are many fitness centers in Jakarta that you can make as a means of routine training. One of them is Gold’s Gym, as a gym with good facilities, complete, and guided by professional personal trainers and helpful instructors, you will be closer to your goals, becoming someone who is healthier and stronger. Keep getting stronger with Golds!