How to Effectively Lose Weight with Lime

August 20, 2019

Ideal body weight is many people’s dream. Various methods are used to get a proportional body, and of course also to stay healthy. Do not let a strict diet program turn into a bad effect for your health. To get the ideal body weight, there are many types of exercise that can be done, as well as a variety of other diet programs. Starting from a diet program that is packaged in a healthy food catering package, to using food ingredients that are easily found in your home kitchen. One effort that is quite popular and popular with many people is the lime diet.


The lime diet is popular and quite easy to do because you don't have to bother looking for it and it also doesn’t cost too much. For those of you who have tried a variety of diets, but have not gotten significant results, it might be a good idea to start incorporating lime into your diet program menu.


There are many sources that say that lime is consumed regularly every day can make you lose weight faster. However, it should be underlined, it is not justified if you rely solely on lime consumption as the only method for weight loss, and not combining it with other methods that also contribute to weight loss, such as a high-nutrition diet, balanced lifestyle, routine exercise, and adequate rest. Actually lime is only one of the supporting factors in losing weight.


For more details, see further explanation on how to effectively lose weight with lime.


Benefits of Lime

Lime is one of the fruits with high vitamin C. According to a 2006 study published in Nutrition and Metabolism, vitamin C is important for the body because it can improve your immune system. Lime juice also contains natural antiviral and antibacterial properties, which is why orange juice can boost your body's immunity. In addition, vitamin C can also burn fat when a person is exercising. So, lime is considered powerful enough to help you lose weight.


Basically, one of the easiest ways to lose weight is to drink lots of water every day, especially warm water and drink it on an empty stomach in the morning. However, if you add lime juice into the water, it is believed you will accelerate this weight loss process. In addition, lime juice can also help the detoxification process by cleaning the liver and blood.


Consuming Lime Correctly

Before you decide to the lime juice diet, you must first make sure that your stomach is in good condition. The level of acidity in lime is quite high, so it is at risk of causing stomach upset if you consume it in a bad stomach condition, or if you have had a history of gastric disease.


After making sure your stomach conditions, it's time to choose the right lime. You need to choose a lime that is ripe to get a complete and balanced nutritional content. One of the ingredients that you will get from ripe lime is Citrus Aurantifolia, which is a nutrient that can shed fat in the body.

How to Serve Lime

Check out the recommended ways of serving the lime.


  1. Use warm water

When you consume lime juice, you are strongly advised to serve it using warm water. Just squeeze the lime into warm water, no need to add sugar. If the taste is too sour for you, you can add honey. Not only it is more easily digested by the body, warm water can also help speed up metabolism. This will make the results faster and more effective.


  1. Infused water

One of the most popular ways that people often do to lose weight with lime is to make it into an infused water. If you are among those who are busy doing activities and do not have time to squeeze a lime, this is one way to make it easier for you to consume lime juice. All you have to do is cut the lime, then put it in your drinking bottle. You can also add some other fruits, like strawberries or lemons. It is recommended to wait 6-8 hours before you drink the infused water. Then you can make infused water the night before you do your activities tomorrow. It's easier and really saves time, right?


  1. Combine it with ginger

Ginger is good to be combined with lime juice, because ginger can stimulate metabolism and make your body burn calories faster. How to serve it is by blending 2 inches of ginger with a glass of water, then strain the pulp. After that, add 1 lime juice. You can drink it immediately.

You are advised not to drink lime more than three times a day. Three times, morning, afternoon and evening when before going to bed. You also have to see if consuming lime juice is bad for your stomach, because it will certainly have different effects for each person. The lime diet that you do won't have much effect if you don't maintain your diet, lifestyle, and exercise diligently.