The Importance of Resting Your Body After Exercise

August 22, 2021

“No pain, no gain.”

That was a famous quote that you often hear. Gym goers often use it as their motivation to keep going to the gym and train even though their body is in pain. To fire up your dedication to know that any soreness after a workout is a sign that your muscles are growing.

Did you know? The pain that you feel is a sign that there is something wrong inside your body. The pain that you feel during or after exercise is the result of metabolic stress and mechanical stress on the muscles. This stress will stimulate your body muscle to develop. 

But, in order to gain, it takes time and will need good nutrition and rest. The recovery and development of body tissues occurs when you are resting. Not only good nutrition and consistent training, rest is also one of the most important aspects. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked and ignored.

So, what are the benefits of the well and enough rest?

  1. Give your body the time to develop the broken tissues after working out.

  2. Give your body the time to save glycogen inside the muscle as an energy reserve.

  3. Prevent you from being too tired and avoid overtraining.

  4. Decrease risk of injury.

  5. Improve your training performance because by rest well, you will have better energy and body tissues.

  6. To rest your mind as well. You will be ready mentally and physically to do another challenge in your next training. It will also keep your spirit up.

Then you may wonder, how to have a good rest? Here are some of the tips for you.

  1. Set your training program and make sure that your body get at least 1-2 rest days. It depends on how heavy your program is.

  2. During the rest day, you can still do some low-intensity training. This is called active recovery.

  3. Eat nutritious meals on your rest day.

  4. Sleep for 6-8 hours at night.

  5. Turn your light off for better sleep quality.

Your body deserves a good rest after hours of training. Now it’s time to change the “no pain, no gain” quote into the “yes pain, yes rest, yes gain”. So, have a good rest, Gold’s People!