Top 3 Reasons Children Should Exercise

September 9, 2015

Most of us, as a parent, you surely want the best for your children. So it may not come as a surprise that many parents are willing to pay more for the best quality of everything for their children such as expensive courses or private tutors in order to boost their little one’s achievement.


Academic achievement is important, but unfortunately children’s health and fitness are often left out. Did you know that kids need at least an hour a day of physical activity to ensure good health?


Here are top 3 reasons why physical activity is really important for your children


1. Physically Active Children are More Confident


According to a research from Trimbos Institute, which conducted on 7,000 adolescents aged 11-16 years, showed that adolescents with an active lifestyle are more sociable and confident. You don’t think so? One of the most downloaded mobile applications in the market is the one that can edit your picture to appear skinnier. Do we want our future generation to grow into adults who don’t love themselves?


2. More And More Youngster Are Suffering Withdrawal Syndrome


Have you ever heard about Hikikomori? This is a term for the teenagers or young adults in Japan who withdraw from social life and tend to isolate themselves in their room for months. This weird ‘disease’ is affecting Japan and now has spread to Indonesia.


When you take your little one to do some exercise of physical activity from the early age, you develop them to fall in love with active and healthy lifestyle. Encourage them to socialize with children who also love sports, this will help them grow in a positive environment.


3. Kids in Jakarta are the most obese in ASEAN Countries


Children with chubby face are adorable for sure, but when their weight has affected their health and everyday activity, are they still adorable?


According to a report from UNICEF, when it’s compared to other ASEAN countriesm Indonesia children reached 12.2 percent for obesity prevalence, this number is far exceeding Thailand with only 8% or Malaysia with 6%. According to the health experts, obese children are likely to be obese as adults.