Sit-up to Burn Your Belly Fat? Do This Instead!

August 30, 2021

When trying to lose weight, someone often imagines their ideal body goals. Whether it is small thighs, sexier butt, or small arms. Six-pack is also one of the popular goals among fitness goers. You always want that after every training and exercise, your belly burns its fat so that you will get the six-packs sooner later than later.

The burning sensation inside your stomach after doing some sit-ups believed it will turn into a six-pack stomach real soon. But, is sit-up really efficient to get the six-pack? Let’s talk about this!

What is a six-pack?

Six-pack is abdominal muscles that are also called rectus abdominis. This muscle has an elongated shape and attaches from the ribs to the hips. Its function is to bend the spine forward. Please see the image below.

Rectus abdominis: Origin, insertion, innervation,function | Kenhub

Everyone has this muscle. But the fat in the belly area often makes this muscle become invisible.

Can sit-ups shape your stomach?

Specifically, sit-ups can train your rectus abdominis, but sit-ups won’t just burn your belly fat. This is something that we call spot reduction. Spot reduction is a myth that is popular. Some people believe that you can burn fat in specific locations in your body. This is not true. You can’t just burn and get rid of the fat in certain areas.

The burning sensation that you feel after doing some sit-ups is not a sign that you burn your belly fat. It is actually the accumulation of lactic acid in your abdominal muscles. The burning sensation means you already train that muscles, but it does not automatically burn the fat in that area.

So, if your purpose is to burn your arm fat, you can’t only train your arm. The muscles Are not something that can be melted and go away just by doing one training. The function of fat is for your energy resource, so in order to lose it, you need to release the energy.

Instead of doing only sit-up, Gold’s Gym has summarized the best exercise recommendation for you.

  1. Cardio training

Not that it is only good for your heart muscle, this workout can also burn enough energy during your training.

  1. Weight training

Train your muscles, especially the large muscles so that your body burns more energy when resting (BMR).

  1. Train your whole body muscles

Instead of just focusing on certain muscles, it is always better to train all of your muscles. The more you train, the more energy you will release.

  1. Reduce your calory intake

Especially foods that are high in fat and simple carbs. Complex carbs are preferred. Balance your diet is a must when it comes to losing fat.

  1. Meet the protein needs

Whether it is a plant or animal-based protein. Protein will help your body and muscles recovery to be more efficient.

  1. Get enough rest

Give your body time for recovery and develop your muscles.

If you consistently doing the tips above, you will eventually get your six-pack stomach! Just keep training and you will see the best results!