Jakarta Race 2011
March 30, 2012

Jakarta, 30 March, 2012 - The Charity Run began in 1981 when Isadore Sharp, Founder and CEO of made a corporate commitment to lead the charge against cancer. Since then , each year, there has been a run held at every Four Seasons Hotel & Resort around the world to raise funds for cancer research and finding cure. This commitment has no geographic boundaries and the sky is only limited by our dreams. This year Four Seasons will host runs at over 75 properties in 31 countries. This popular event is back and deserves the full support of the entire community that will also appeal to the hearts of runners everywhere. The challenge this year will be to raise the bar one notch higher and make it the best and friendliest fun run ever. All proceeds raised from JAKARTA RACE 2011 will be donated to Indonesian Cancer Foundation for direct patient support, cancer education and prevention. (red)