Bikram Yoga
November 29, 2013

Jakarta, 29 November, 2013 - Enjoy a new experience in exercising in Gold’s Gym, Bikram Yoga! Try doing this unique yoga in a 42o C heated room for more intensive stretching moves. Bikram Yoga presents 26 specific moves that are easy to follow, making it suitable for all fitness levels especially beginners. Bikram Yoga offers more benefits compared to other types of yoga, such as helping a more intensive body detoxification, faster recovery from any injuries, as well as intensively increasing flexibility, strength, and the balance of body and mind. Bikram Yoga is also effective to help weight loss because by burning an average of 750 calories in one 90-minute session. Bikram Yoga is coming soon in Gold’s Gym Mall of Indonesia (MOI) in 2014. The Trial Class is held in Gold’s Gym MOI on Sunday and Monday, 1-2 December 2013. Join Bikram Yoga today to get the special early bird price. For more information, contact Bikram Yoga receptionist at Gold’s Gym MOI. Read more about Bikram Yoga at http://www.goldsgym.co.id/media_tips_indo_1_54