Gold's Meal
October 2, 2013

Jakarta, 2 October 2013 - Gold’s Gym invented an innovative solution to slim down and shape up, Gold’s Meal! Planned to be launched this October, Gold’s Meal is a one stop solution for healthy meal + Personal Training + nutritionist sessions that guarantees to help you achieve whatever your fitness target is, in no time! Gold’s Meal offers healthy diet menu, Power Slim, which will be delivered at your doorstep every day. With the best fresh ingredients, no MSG or other artificial ingredients, minimum fat content, and careful cooking process to ensure the highest standard of healthy gourmet, that’s low in calories and fat yet still pleases your palate! 
  • 100% Imported Beef
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • USDA Organic Rice
  • No MSG
  • TuV Nord Certified Kitchen 

Start your healthy lifestyle and get the ideal shape with Gold’s Meal Fast Start 2-week program or Fast Track 4-week program! Stay tuned for more details about Gold’s Meal this month.