Bikram Yoga Trial Class
December 5, 2013

Jakarta, 1-2 December, 2013 - Gold’s Gym started this year-end with a Bikram Yoga Trial Class at Gold’s Gym Mall of Indonesia (MOI) on Sunday and Monday, 1-2 December 2013. The enthusiasm for this hot yoga had been shown by all participants on social media, even weeks before the Trial Class started. Gold’s Gym held 3 trial classes on Sunday and 4 trial classes on Monday, which were all fully booked by the participants. Everyone was excited to try the unique yoga, which is done in a heated room as hot as 42o Celcius, with professional Bikram Yoga instructors. Bikram Yoga is coming soon in Gold’s Gym MOI. For registration and more information contact Bikram Yoga receptionist at Gold’s Gym MOI.