Two is More Fun than One!

February 14, 2014

In this month of love, try to change your old dinner-movies-cuddling Valentine’s routine with something more endorpin-pumping like doing partner exercise! Because aftertall, like the title above suggests, two is more fun than one!

Bored of the usual Valentine’s Day routine with your loved one? Well, this year you do not necessarily have to celebrate it with your spouse (if you happen to be single, that is!), because your best friend, brother or sister, and your parents need some healthy loving and bonding time with you too! Check out some easy exercise ideas you can do with them!

1. Loved One

Do a simple partner push up! Here’s how: Gerakan partner push up pun cocok dilakukan bagi Anda yang berpasangan, caranya:

-Get into a push up position, facing your partner in front of you.

-Pull your body down like you would do when you are doing push ups, then lift it up. Now, here’s the fun part: when you lift up your body, stretch your right arm forward and touch your partner’s left shoulder.

-Repeat it with your other arm, and do it at the same time with your partner.

2. Best Friend Forever

Been talkin’ about getting sexy abs with your best friend? Then this exercise will suit you both!

-Lie down facing upward, with your best friend lying down in the opposite direction in front of you.

-Straighten your legs 45o upward, with your feet touching your friend’s feet.

-Bend your right knees towards your body, forming 90o. Lift your upper body up towards your knees towards your body,

-Do the same with your left knees, just like a cycling movement.

 Image Source: www.prevention.com

3. Long Live Brotherhood

Your competitive brother will love this exercise!

-Stand facing each other, 3-5 feet apart, with either one of you holding a medicine ball.

-Do a lunge at the same time, pull your right knee forward, stretch your arm forward, about chest high, to pass the ball over to –or received from-your partner

-Gradually increase the speed while maintaining the accuracy of passing over the ball to each other.

4. Sisters Power

This exercise will strengthen the bond between you and your sister, literally!

-Stand in line, 4-5 feet apart from your sister.

-Hold 2 resistance bands, one on each hand. If you stand if front of your sister, hold the handles chest high and stretch your arms forward. Your sister should hold the other ends of the bands in front of her chest.

-When you are pulling the handles forwards, pull your leg forward, forming 45o. Repeat and do it with the other leg, then switch position with your sister.


Image Source: www.womenshealthmag.com

5. Mom & Me Time

Exercising with your parents can be fun too! Try a relaxing Yoga class in Gold’s Gym with mom or a challenging Body Combat with dad! Gold’s Gym has Couple Special Classes this Valentine’s day that you can join with your parents as your partner! Check the schedule here.