How to Build Shoulder Muscles at Home

November 30, 2019

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To have a proportional body, there are many parts of the body that you can train to support your
appearance. Starting from having a six pack stomach, slender calves and thighs, muscular
arms, and strong, muscular shoulder muscles. Shoulder muscles tend to be easily shaped, you
can even look muscular in just a few weeks.

Shoulder muscles are more easily formed because the shoulder is the last place to gather fat,
this is what makes the muscles in the shoulder area grow relatively quickly and easily formed.
The shoulder muscles are also very flexible and can move freely. The variety of exercises and
ways to form shoulder muscles that can be done are also very diverse.
Gold’s Gym will explain what exercises you should do and how to build shoulder muscles at

Push ups

Push ups are a great way to build shoulder muscles and you can do it anywhere. Push ups can
build the muscles of the upper body, especially on the shoulders and arms. The emphasis of the
push up movement is on the strength of the shoulders and arms which is useful to support the
body's burden. That is why push ups are so good for building shoulder muscles.


Plank has movements that are a bit similar to push ups. The difference lies in the position of the
hand and you don’t need to move up and down. Planks require stability of shoulder and arm
muscles to support the body in a stationary position at a certain time, which is why planks are
also effective at building shoulder muscles to the thighs. All muscles involved in plank
movement will become firmer.

Pull up

Pull up is a sport that is done by lifting the body itself using the strength of the hands. Pull ups
are usually used to form back muscles, but in addition to the back, movements in pull up
exercises can also form other muscles such as the chest, abdomen, arms, and shoulders.
Shoulder and arm muscles are very important when pulling up, because to lift the body requires
strong shoulder and arm muscles.

Arm Circle

Arm circle means the arm rotates. When doing this exercise, you need to stretch your arms
parallel to your shoulders to the side, then rotate forwards and backwards. This exercise is quite
easy to do wherever and whenever. Arm circle aims to increase shoulder flexibility.

Shoulder Taps

The last way to build shoulder muscles you can do at home is shoulder taps. Shoulder taps, as
the name implies means touching the shoulder. This initial movement is the same as a push up,
then followed by tapping each other's shoulders alternately right and left hand.