Steps and Movement of Aerobic Exercise for Beginners

October 25, 2019

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Doing aerobic exercise regularly has many benefits for your body. Aside from being healthy, another benefit that you will notice is actually weight loss. In addition, aerobics will also train a group of large muscles and make the heart healthy. By doing aerobic exercise correctly, many calories will be burned.


If you are a beginner in aerobics exercise, here are the right steps and movements of aerobics that should be done.


1. Warming up

Warming up is a must when exercising. The purpose is to avoid injury when doing aerobic exercise, especially if you are a beginner. Warm up is intended to increase body temperature, raise heart rate, and prepare muscles and joints for intense activities afterwards. When you do not warm up, the muscles and joints will be surprised because immediately given strenuous activity suddenly.


Some warm-up movements you can do are walk in place, step from side to side and move your arms at waist level and higher. Do this movement for about 5-10 minutes, after that you are ready to do the aerobic core movements.


2. Core Training

After warming up and your body is ready, then you can immediately do the core exercises with higher intensity. You can do core exercises for about 25-55 minutes. Here are some types of aerobic exercise that are suitable for beginners.



The first aerobic exercise for beginners can be started by walking on the spot, raising the foot about as high as a calf. Don't forget that your knees also need to be bent to 90 degrees.



This movement is the movement of bending the legs towards the back, with the knees pointing towards the floor or perpendicular to the bottom using the ankle and knee joints. This movement is a movement that resembles jogging, but is done on the spot.



Kicking is an aerobic exercise that swings the limbs forward or sideways in a straight line at waist level or more.


Double Step

This movement is a step that moves two steps to the right and to the left, then ends with the ankle pressed together by touching the right and left ankles.



The movement starts by stepping twice to the right and left like a double step, but by crossing the legs backwards.


Leg Curl

Leg curl movement is an aerobic exercise that bends the legs toward the back.


Heel Touch

This movement is done by touching the heel of the right foot to the heel of the left foot by slightly bending the knees on the fulcrum, the weight being on the foot which is the pedestal.


3. Cooling down

After you do the core aerobic exercise, cool down to make the heart rate back to normal. The cooling movement is almost the same as warm up, the duration is about 10 minutes. Cooling down or stretching is useful to help restore the muscles and joints to normal conditions.


Aerobic exercise above is very easy to do, even for beginners. The time needed is not much. When combined with a healthy lifestyle, aerobic exercise can have a maximum impact on your body, such as making your body more stamina, not getting tired easily, avoiding the risk of being vulnerable to disease, and maintaining an ideal body weight.


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