Exercise To Reduce Belly Fat

October 4, 2019

People sign-up for a gym membership for various reasons–and for majority of people they want to reduce their belly fat and attain their ideal shape. Belly fat, easily seen by others are for some, unsightly to see and often times than not made the one who has it, insecure about their body image. Luckily for us belly fat is one of the easiest problem to resolve.


To reduce belly fat, a combination of cardio and resistance training is recommended to get faster and better result. These are the five exercise to reduce belly fat that you can try at the gym:


  1. Running

Running is one of the best exercise to reduce belly fat that can be done by anyone, anywhere and actually affordable–barefoot or with shoes and you’re good to go. Running is very effective in reducing belly fat because running works almost every muscle on our body, which leads to reduced belly fat. For beginners, try running for 1KM and if it felt easier gradually challenge yourself to run 5KM – 10KM, three times per week. 


  1. Deadlift

The name might sound scary but its role in reducing belly fat, strength training and adding muscles are undoubted. Deadlift is one of the big three exercise in strength training that can help you get your ideal body and reduce belly fat at the same time. A proper deadlift will work your gluteus, arms, quads and back muscles in one movement–strengthening, sculpting and burning body fat at the same time. Make sure you try this under a guided supervision of a personal trainer.


  1. Burpee

Created by an American physiologist, Royal H. Burpee from New York, United States as a fitness test. Burpees are gaining popularity in functional training gyms because of its simplicity and its effectiveness. Burpee can be done anywhere, you only need to do the following steps:

  • Squat down and place both hands on the floor in front of you;

  • Jump feet back into plank position;

  • Jump feet forward;

  • Return to standing.


  1. Rowing

A cardio exercise, rowing mimics the movement of a rower when they row their boat. Rowing is one of the best exercise to reduce belly fat and burn calories due to the nature of their movements. Rowing can be done with the help of a specific equipment called Concept2 Rower that can be found in Gold’s Gym Thamrin City, Gold’s Gym Gajah Mada, Gold’s Gym Cilandak Town Square and Gold’s Gym Bintaro Xchange.

  1. Plank

This movement is considered easy for beginners yet can be challenging for the advanced fitness lovers.On all fours, engage your core muscles for 30 – 60 seconds and repeat 5 times. If it felt easier try adding weights or increase the duration of the plank hold.

The above exercise to reduce belly fat needed to be executed correctly to elicit a good response from our body, therefore, to achieve optimal result and to avoid injury we recommend you to consult with Gold’s Gym Personal Trainer. If you are yet to be a member, you can try our complimentary 7 Days free trial by clicking this link Gold’s Gym: https://www.goldsgym.co.id/membership. See you at the gym!