5 Fun Couple Workout Exercises

February 19, 2018

Nothing says "Happy Valentine's Day" like stretching, breathing, and moving your body with your couple. Working out with your couple can make your both feel more accountable and can even help you train harder at the gym. But when your workout partner is also your partner in life, things can get a little more tricky. Check out these couple workout exercises to get the most out of your workout together!


The benefits of practicing yoga with a partner are endless, but some include improved levels of communication, deeper expressions of postures and the encouragement of trust. Try with sit back-to-back pose. Touch soles of feet together and let knees fall apart (or cross legs). Take a few breaths with spines upright, leaning into each other. Wanna try Yoga poses with your partner, Gold’s People?

Legs and Arms Workout

Let’s get those legs and arms working! Start this exercise by just placing your feet hip-width apart and stand with your back against each other. One of you holds a dumbbell with both hands overhead while the other person extends the arms, but doesn’t hold a dumbbell.

Bodyweight Squat

Train your butt and legs together with the body weight squat, yes squat away! Stand facing each other with your arms straight up and your feet hip-width apart.

Hold each other tight and simultaneously squat down. Hold for a few seconds and then return to the starting position. Repeat this 15 times or until you feel a good burn.


Start sit-up workout with your partner, lay down on your back with your knees tucked in towards your backside. Your partner should kneel facing your partner, holding the ankles comfortably. Then you can crunch up to your knees with your hands on your shoulders. Lower gently and repeat.  You can of course do sit-ups on your own, but with a partner it requires some more core strength to keep your balance. Plus, you'll have to fit your rhythms together, so you will probably try harder at the end of each series to keep up – and that's good, too.

Training with your partner offers unique benefits. Ultimately, in today’s hectic lifestyles the one thing that we do less of, is spending time with our loved one and even when we do, it’s rarely doing something that can be classed as exercise.

When you go to the gym with your partner you get to spend time together whilst participating in healthy, physical activities. It definitely beats an evening on the sofa. You can improve performance whilst giving each other support, feedback and motivation. You may even want to add an element of competition to really push your fitness.