Here is The List of Top 40 Power Transformation Challenge 3 Contestants! Congrats!
November 26, 2015

Here are the names of the PTC III participants who qualify for the final round of the final competition. Congratulations to those participants and the pt staff who trains them.

On behalf of PTC III Committee, good luck on continuing the competition until the end - hopefully the results achieved by all can and will provide motivation and inspiration for other members .

For other participants , do not easily give up and keep the spirit - continue the training sessions so that results can be improved and achieved despite taking longer times than others.


1. ALS : Alam Sutra.
2. CL : Citraland.
3. CLT : Cityloft.
4. CWK: Ciwalk Bandung.
5. GC: Grand City Surabya.
6. GM: Gajah Mada
7. PX: PX Pavillion.
8. SMS: Sumarecon Mall Serpong.
9. TC: Thamrind City.
10. BRG: Braga.
11. BXC: Bintaro Exchange.
12. MOI: Mall Of Indonesia.
13. STB: Setiabudi.
14. STS: Sutos.