Celebrate Valentine's Day with Your Loved Ones in Valentine's Dance Party!
February 11, 2015

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with candlelight dinner or a bouquet of red roses is so last year! Express your love for your loved ones by taking them to Gold’s Gym Valentine’s Dance Party! Enjoy Zumba & SH’BAM special classes at all Gold’s Gym Indonesia clubs from 12 – 17 February 2015!
Valentine’s Dance features unique classes at each clubs. There’s a fun Zumba VS SH’BAM class that take the best of both worlds and mash it into one exciting class, there’s also ZUMBA STEP that will appear for the very first time only at Gold’s Gym Ciwalk & Braga Bandung! Zumba Step combines the toning and strengthening power form Step Aerobic with the fun dance moves from Zumba to create a comprehensive, aerobic class! Click HERE to know more about ZUMBA STEP! Each class also has a creative Valentine’s related theme. So, show your excitement by dressing your best on this Valentine’s special dance party! See the complete schedule here:

Feel all the love from the most romantic day of the year this Valentine’s and join our Valentine’s Dance Party! Have a fun, dance-tastic Valentine’s Day!