Can Exercise Help Control Our Appetite?
November 26, 2015

Controlling portion sizes is one of the things that must be considered to maintain a healthy weight. But sometimes the temptation of delicious offerings as well as the hunger that was not fulfilled can push you to overeat. If it happens often, try to exercise.
“By exercise regularly, SOYJOY Lovers not only burns calories, but also reduce hunger and avoid overeating..”

Mostly people think that exercise will actually increase hunger and appetite. But exercise can actually suppress appetite, you know. The study published in the American Physiological Society states that aerobic exercise that moves around the body such as running or walking on a treadmill for 60 minutes, to help reduce production of the hormone ghrelin (a hormone that causes hunger) and increases the hormone peptide YY (a hormone that suppresses appetite). Therefore, exercise is very important for SOYJOY Lovers who want to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. By exercise regularly, SOYJOY Lovers not only burns calories, but also reduce hunger and avoid overeating.
When done regularly, exercise will help you controlling hunger in the long term. Regular exercise helps restore the sensitivity of the nerves in the brain that controls satiety, so your brain will faster receives signals satiety from the stomach and differentiate when you feel hungry while regular exercise can also increase the body's metabolism, it can increase calorie burning in the body.

The problem is, mostly people tend to want to reward themselves with high-calorie foods that they like. They assume that there is no matter for a bit to enjoy a delicious dish after burning so many calories with exercise. As a result, the calories you've burned through exercise it will be back again in the same amount or even more through the consumption of food or drink is not healthy.
So how to reducing hunger without overeating? The answer: healthy snacking. Dish such as fresh fruit, yogurt, or fruit smoothies can be your choice to keep hunger and desire to snack. SOYJOY is rich in protein and fiber, but also contains no fat could be the right choice. Moreover SOYJOY is a snack made from soybeans that have high fiber, so that makes you full longer and control appetite. If hunger have not been successfully expelled after a healthy snack, SOYJOY Lovers can also work to suppress appetite while lowering blood sugar rises after a bit of snacking. Choose the right exercise place like Gold's Gym with a wide variety of fitness you can do to keep the hunger.
Sometimes, desire to eat that appear in certain moments is present not because you feel hungry. So that hunger will not bother your activity, exercise and healthy snacking can be an option for SOYJOY Lovers.