We Have Revamped Our Yoga Classes!
April 20, 2015

Gold’s Gym Indonesia has revamped the yoga classes! Now you can choose the class that suits you best! Whether you’re a beginner just wanting to try out yoga or a seasoned yogi looking for something more challenging, we got the class just for you! Check out all the changes to our yoga and make sure you choose the right class that suits your needs!

GENTLE YOGA (Our new class!)
Perfect for beginners and those looking for a rejuvenating class.
BEGINNER – A slower paced restorative yoga class with focus on breathing, relaxation, and gentle stretching. Great for those new to yoga or who wants something more rejuvenating.

 (Our newly designed classes!)
Basic yoga has changed to Hatha yoga with beginner and multi-level classes.
BEGINNER – Hatha yoga uses postures (asanas) and stretches in combination with breathing to develop flexibility and relaxation. Ideal for beginners as it builds a strong foundation for all other classes.
MULTI-LEVEL – Hatha yoga encourages proper alignment of the body and improves your balance, strength, and calmness. Suitable for all levels as this multi-level class offers a wide variety of options.

We have fused these classes together to bring you a powerful and energizing class to suit multi-level and advanced participants.
MULTI-LEVEL – Power Vinyasa will build strength and tone plus detoxify your body by emphasizing on continuous flow of movement using sun salutations, dynamic breathing, and long holdings. A more challenging multi-level class that offers options to all levels but prior yoga experience is recommended.
ADVANCE – Our advanced Power Vinyasa class builds on the multi-level class and includes inversions. This class is powerful, challenging, and incredibly rewarding.