5th Anniversary Gold's Gym Stronger Day
December 9, 2012

Jakarta, 8 December 2012 - After 5 years of establishment in Indonesia, on the 8th of December, Gold’s Gym Indonesia proudly celebrated our 5th anniversary with the biggest fitness event in Indonesia, entitled “Stronger Day” at Plaza Selatan – Gelora Bung Karno, Jakarta.

The event started at 2 pm and immediately became crowded with participants, both members and non-members, who were ready to enjoy the whole celebration. Although rain was pouring during the event, about 3000 participants did not lose their enthusiasm to be a part of, or at least to witness, MURI Breaking Record for Group Exercise with the most variants. Gold’s Gym’s mission to break the record was finally accomplished in approximately 2 hours. 

The spirit of celebration did not stop there, many participants were still so pumped up to participate in our fitness challenges, namely Member Body Contest, Circuit Training, Bicep Curl Competition, Push-Up Challenge, and Reebok Fitness Challenge by Reebok, as the official sponsor of Gold’s Gym Indonesia sponsor.

Towards the top of the event, “Stronger Day” became even more fired up with entertaining music performances from OMG, Terry, Mosca, XO-IX, and Yovie & Nuno. Finally it came to the anniversary ceremony which included a superstars parade by XO-IX, OMG, Mosca, Dragon Boyz, Aiman Ricky, Ayu Pratiwi, as well as Marissa. The crowd was cheering even louder when the iconic Gold’s Gym birthday cake was brought on stage for Mr. Francis Wanandi, as the CEO of Gold’s Gym Indonesia. Just before the ceremony was closed, Gold’s Gym Indonesia picked one lucky participant among the thousands who attended, to win a spectacular Grand Prize of Daihatsu Sirion.   

Sponsors, media partners, and all participants are definitely our keys to hold such a successful event. Therefore we would like to thank our sponsors: Reebok, TIMEX, Sports Station, Telkomsel, Fitplus, Daihatsu Sirion, Sony Music, Quary, Sosro Joy Tea, Fitbar, MET-Rx, Optimum, X-Pose, Mr. Brown Coffee, Bertolli, JBL, acer, tanyadok.com, Vending Machine Indonesia, Sushi Kiosk, The Media Hotel, Telkom Indonesia, and Gold’s Café, along with our media partners: C&R, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Kompas TV, Koran Jakarta, Marie Claire, Perempuan.com, Girlfriend magazine, Teen magazine, Aneka Yess, Fitness Men, Cosmopolitan FM, Goodlife magazine, trax FM, majalah Sehat, majalah Marketing, Duniafitness.com, and also yess-online.com. Gold’s Gym Indonesia hope that the success of “Stronger Day” will motivate us to serve you better, to live by our commitment to improve Indonesian people’s health and fitness with our motto: Bigger. Better. Stronger!