Stay in Shape for Summer

July 1, 2012

However daunting the task of getting in shape may be, anyone can benefit from a few basic guidelines and tips to start the journey of shape and health right away. (It is advisable for you to talk to your doctor before making any changes to your current physical activity levels or eating habits.)

1. Find a partner; social support is key for any form of fitness goal. It keeps you both highly motivated and accountable.

2. Break down your goal into small weekly goals; 0.5kg-1kg of weekly fat loss is a realistic and healthy target.

3. Consider a 1-2 day juice fast. If your doctor does not object, a short juice fast will help rid you of toxins, help re-set your digestive system and energize you for your journey ahead.

4. Nutrition: substitute simple carbohydrates for complex sources – unless you’re diabetic, get rid of sugar as it will drastically slow all your progress down. Eat complete protein sources and make sure to include high quality unsaturated fat sources such as olive oil. Plenty of water throughout the day, and consider including fresh Green Tea for it’s antioxidant powers. Nutritional information are abundantly found online for those who want to take the time to educate about the power of healthy nutrition. For those who want a quicker option, you may choose to schedule a Nutritional Consultation with a Professional.

5. Exercise: A combination of Resistance training and High Intensity Cardio exercise 3-5 times per week is crucial to turning that soft body into a lean physique. If you lack formal background in exercise programming and technique, schedule an appointment with a qualified Fitness Professional so that you don’t waste time experimenting, or worse, end up hurting yourself.

6. Quality sleep; get in your 6-8hrs a night to completely recover and recharge

7. Monitor your results: although scale weight is a popular form of monitoring, consider having your body composition tested weekly. That way you can know for sure whether you are losing fat (good!) or muscle (bad!)

8. Stick to what is working, and change what isn’t. 9. Learn to love the PROCESS, not just the OUTCOME/ RESULTS; fitness is a lifestyle and should not stop just because summer comes to an end.

Fitness was never meant to be complicated. The hardest part is getting started and sticking with it.


Stephen Camille / Certified Master Trainer – Fitness Operation