RPM Class 101: Tips For Beginners!

July 11, 2014

RPM is an indoor cycling exercise where you will ride with all your might to the rhythm of an upbeat music playlist that’s guaranteed will fire you up. An inspiring instructor or two will guide you through a challenging yet fun trek that will make you feel you’re out there on the real extreme terrain. You’ll be pushed to conquer hills, flats, mountain peaks, with varying time trials and interval training.  You’ll discover what you truly are made of – your true endurance, strength, and above all, drive!


A typical class would last 45 minutes, and if you push through your true potential you can burn up to 675 calories in a class. You’ll definitely feel the burn on your lower extremities – be it your calf to your gluteus maximus, which is the fancy word for the muscles on your butt. Expect gallons of perspiration drenching your body. If you’re not drowned in sweat by the end of the class and you still look pretty, you’re not doing it right! The best thing of all? Nothing can beat the euphoria you feel from the natural endorphin high! You’ll feel alive and refreshed, pumped to do more with your body. It sure is addicting.


What To Wear

As you will be sweating a lot, you should definitely opt for sweat-wicking sports wear that let your skin breathes. Your regular gym shoes will do just fine; just make sure they’re comfortable. Bring a fully filled water bottle and 2 towels – one to cover the handle bar so your hands won’t slip and the other to wipe the sweat off during class. Trust me, you’re gonna need them!


When To Arrive

A lot of people are into the natural high RPM class gives them, so come early so you’ll get a spot! You should also come at least 10 minutes early to set up your bike to your liking. You have to make sure the position is appropriate for your built – from the height of the seat to the distance of the seat to the handles – or else it might result to pain on your lower back, knee or even shoulder. If you’re not sure about the appropriate settings, don’t be shy to get the instructor to help set it for you to make sure a comfortable ride.


What To Expect

The instructor will give clear instructions while motivating you to keep up, telling you when to increase or decrease resistance, go faster, and rise or sit in accordance to the exciting trek. It’s important to keep your core engaged! The upbeat music will keep you fired up, everyone also feeds off each other energy – it’s not something unusual for people to shout in excitement! If you need to, you can alter the instructions and decrease your speed and resistance to make sure you can make it through the whole class. Don’t feel discouraged by this. Know your own limit, and as time goes on you’ll get better strength and endurance!


RPM is definitely challenging, it might even seem intimidating upon seeing a class from afar. But give it a shot! You’ll see how fun and invigorating it is!