Lack of Sleep

June 20, 2012

With the Eurocup excitement, typically comes the almost unavoidable issue of lack of sleep. With tension-filled games lasting throughout the late hours, it’s not difficult for football fanatics to neglect this most basic need. Whether you are a football fan, the Dark Knight watching over Gotham, or simply can’t manage your sleep time very well, you should be aware that lack of sleep may have some pretty dramatic consequences on your health, mood and fitness.


Gold's Gym Indonesia lack of  sleep

Ever notice how much hungrier you feel on days when you have not slept well the night before? New studies have established that the part of our brain which contributes to our feeling of appetite becomes more active after a night of sleep loss. This link between fatigue and hunger may explain the impact of poor sleeping habits on our long-term risk of becoming overweight.

To make matters worse, it’s been demonstarted that men who sleep for less than 5 hours a night for 1 week experience a massive 10-15% drop in testosterone levels. Side effects which follow include decreased libido, lower energy levels, decreased mental focus and physical strength.

Strategies to help you gain the many benefits of sleep include;

1. Do not oversleep (10+ hours), as you cannot catch up on lost sleep. Oversleeping will only mess up your body’s pattern and you will find it harder to fall asleep the following night

2. Exercise: People who participate in physical exercise during the day find it easier to fall asleep compared to those who do not

3. If you do exercise late in the day, try to keep your workouts at least 3 hrs before bedtime, at the latest


Stephen Camille / Certified Master Trainer – Fitness Operation