Common Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight

October 26, 2021

Have you ever wondered why you’re not losing any weight after routinely exercising? If yes, then this article is something that you may need.

When putting exercise into your routine, most people wish to immediately get a result. Whether it’s the health benefits, stronger immune system, or significant weight loss that can lead you to your ideal body goals. The most simple logic is when you work out, you will release a lot of energy which can help you lose weight. But, what really happens if you don’t lose weight just yet? Let’s talk about common things that are often overlooked and maybe the reasons why you’re not losing weight.

1.       You often lose control when eating

Some people may think after they do several exercises, then they deserve all the tasty food and they lose control. Especially if it’s a high-calorie food. And you call it self-reward because you’ve done such hard work. This can make you not lose any weight. Unconsciously, when it comes to tasty food, you can take the energy more than you release it.

2.       Sweet drinks

Sweet drinks are one of the most calorie contributors to your body. High-sugar drinks are not good for your body, no matter you want to lose weight or not. They taste good, most people love them, and taking them too much makes you not lose weight.


Stress will increase your production of cortisol, the primary stress hormone that increases sugars (glucose) in the bloodstream and enhances your brain's use of glucose. It also can boost your appetite and lower your daily energy release. That is why stress can be the main reason why you’re not losing weight.

4.       Imbalanced training

Have a balanced training plan to optimize your exercise and the benefits. Weight trains and cardio can be really beneficial to improve your metabolism and increase calorie burn. Set your raining schedule for both weight trains and cardio for the best results.

5.Lack of Sleep

Lack of sleep usually will lead you to the more important cases, such as an increase in appetite during midnight. Most likely you’ll choose unhealthy food to keep your stomach full during the night. Not only it will lower your chance of weight loss, but also can increase the risk of obesity.

6.Medical condition

Various medical conditions that you have can also be the reasons. Hyperthyroid, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), and sleep apnea are some of the examples that can really affect your struggle in losing weight. Significant weight loss in a short time will be harder to get. If you’re someone with this health condition, you should talk to your doctor first before starting any workout and weight loss programs.

The fact is exercise alone is not enough to give you the best result that you’ve been wanting. Paying attention to the small things and habits in your daily routine is always wise. If you’re still confused about where to begin to start your exercise plan, you can always talk to your choice of Personal Trainer to help you set the schedule and good diet. Gold’s Gym is the best place to help you reach your health and body goals. Contact or come to the Gold’s Gym nearest club and the ideal body will be yours in no time!