7 Exercise to Lose Belly Fat

December 23, 2019


We eat different kind of foods on a daily basis, especially if the food is classified as unhealthy, contain high fat, calories, and carbohydrates, it makes you gain fat so easily. One of the body parts that is easily buried by fat is usually your stomach. This accumulation of fat is often disturbing. Not only that it makes someone's appearance look less attractive, accumulation of excess fat will also make the body less healthy and fit, and can even cause serious health problems. Here are 7 exercises to lose your belly fat.


1. Sit Up

One of the most popular shrink exercises is sit ups. This sit-up movement will usually be the first option for many people who want to get rid of belly fat because it is easy to do anywhere. Sit ups look simple, but their movements are effective enough to burn belly fat and train your abdominal muscles.


2. Donkey Kickbacks

Shrinkles have a similar motion to the donkey, which is kicking with the feet toward the back. You need to use the mat when doing this movement. The position of your body when doing donkey kickbacks is like going to a crawl. Donkey kickbacks can also be done anywhere.


3. Bicycle Crunch

One type of crunch that is good as a shrink exercise is a bicycle crunch. Actually, bicycle crunch can train the entire stomach muscles, namely the lower, upper and middle abdominal muscles. The bicycle crunch movement is like a bicycle pedaling motion, still in the supine body position on the floor.


4. Elbow Plank

This one is quite simple and can be done anywhere, including at home. Elbow plank is very effective for burning fat in your stomach. In addition, elbow plank also has benefits for exercising stability of the body and core muscles in the abdomen, waist, and thighs. The elbow plank movement is similar to the usual plank movement, but rests on the tips of the palms to the elbows.


5. Candle Attitude

When making a gesture of wax, your body position will form like a candle that is standing tall. To do this movement, you must be in a position on the floor, then both legs are raised up simultaneously. Your back is supported with both hands, then maintain this position for several counts.


6. Crunch

Crunch is a shrinking exercise to burn fat and build muscle in the upper abdomen. Crunch movement is almost the same as the sit-up movement, but this movement is done by not lifting the body completely.


7. Leg Raise

This leg raise movement is centered on the lower abdominal muscles. The movements are fairly easy, but enough to burn fat and build abdominal muscles. To do this movement, position your body in a supine state, then lift your legs up 90 degrees to form a right angle. Lower the foot without touching the floor and lift it back to form a right angle back. Perform this movement in a few counts.