6 ways to improve your workout effectiveness

April 13, 2021

Healthier, fitter, lose weight, or get into shape? Whatever the goal, exercising will definitely benefit your body. But have you ever thought, why haven't these goals been achieved? Or maybe you even got injured while doing sports?

Let's take a look at this article to find out what mistakes you might make while exercising!

1. Wrong Technique

It is important to always know every exercise technique that you are going to do. This includes when you work out at the gym using any equipment. Wrong technique can prevent you from reaching the target, doing the wrong technique will also increase the risk of injury. By knowing the correct and proper technique, you will be able to increase your effectiveness and also avoid the risk of injury.

2. More Is Not Necessarily Better

Excessive exercise can actually tire you out and increase your risk of muscle injury by not giving your body enough time to heal. The ideal exercise has a duration of about 150-250 minutes per week. Or 20 to 35 minutes per day. If you exercise too short it will be ineffective, while too much is also risky. Don't forget to keep exercising consistently for maximum results.

3. Variations

Doing sports with the same movements can make you feel bored when exercising. It also has the risk of making you exercise inconsistently, so that you don't reach your target body weight or body shape you want to achieve. For that, it is recommended that you do a variety of exercises or sports every few times.

4. Complete Nutritional Intake

Apart from doing a variety of sports, eating complete nutritious foods is also important to achieve your targets when exercising. You can also adjust your food to your goals for exercising. Calculate the number of calories you need if your goal is weight gain or loss.

5. Lack of Rest

Rest is also important, don't forget to always give your body rest after doing exercise. Rest is necessary so that the body is able to heal muscle cells after exercise. This has the benefit of keeping you fresh and ready for the upcoming workout. You can still fill your break time by doing easy exercise that involves a lot of stretching. Yoga is one of them, this exercise provides many benefits too.

6. Make Realistic Targets

Setting targets that are beyond your ability will frustrate you and you will refuse to exercise. Set goals that match your own abilities, lifestyle, and commitments. The success of achieving small targets or even exceeding the targets will increase your motivation to consistently exercise.

Do the exercise suggestions above to maximize the benefits of exercise. Even though exercise has many benefits for your health, doing sports with the wrong technique can backfire on your health. Also, make sure you know your overall health condition so you can choose which exercises that are most suitable for you.

Source: alodokter.com