3 Facts about Menstruation Many Women Don’t Know About

April 3, 2014

It’s April –we want to dedicate this month to women- and it is the beginning of the month, which means menstruation for some women. There are a few facts about this natural monthly cycle that many women do not know about. And hormone therapy? Did you know that it is not only for women who are aiming to have children, but can also be done to regulate women’s monthly cycle which can also help relieve cramps during menstruation?


The increase of your appetite just before your period is because….

Pre-menstrual syndrome in every woman comes in different symptomps. However, the most common symptoms are mood swings and the increase of appetite.

If you think you should give in to this uncontrollable appetite, you are wrong. According to dr. Karno Soeprapto, Sp. Og., unstable hormone is the culprit that makes women suddenly crave for a certain food pre-menstruation. The dominant progesterone hormone in our body turns us into this month’s wild eater. Consume healthy food that consists of fruits and vegetables. If you are craving for snacks, grab some fresh fruits or no-salt-added roasted nuts.

Diarrhea and Vomitting on the First Few Days of Menstruation?

Many women also experience severe cramps during menstruation. Vomitting, diarrhea, even inability to move and do normal activities are also common during the first or second day of menstruation, so do not worry too much if these symptoms happen to you as it is normal for women who have never given birth. “Pain and cramps during menstruation are normal for women who have never given birth. This is because the size of the womb is still relatively small while the blood flows causes constant contraction in the womb. This contraction usually causes pain. So what is the deal with vomiting and diarrhea? It is basically because our internal organs are connected one another and so are the symptoms, as long as they happen only during menstruation,” dr. Soeprapto explained to FIMELA.com.


Irregular Menstruation…What to Do?

As if pain was not enough to torture you during menstruation, there is also irregular menstruation which will only result in even more severe cramps. One of the helpful ways to handle this problem is hormone therapy. “Taking hormone pil (hormone therapy) can help regulate your menstrual cycle and relieve menstrual pain. However, some side effects like the increase of appetite or irregular menstruation. But they will only happen during the start of the therapy because your body is still adjusting to it.” dr. Soeprapto explained.

Low-salt low-sugar diet is also effective to help relieve menstrual pain. “During pre-menstruation period, the body will retain more water, that is why some women feel a bit ‘heavy’ or bloated. By reducing the consumption of salt and water, the amount of liquid in your body will decrease, thus giving you more comfortable feeling,” he said.


So, nothing to worry about right? However, if you still need to see the doctor for abnormal symptoms, please do so. Keep in mind that regular exercise can naturally help regulate menstrual cycle while also relieve menstrual pain. Always opt for a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly and consuming balanced meal.

Source: www.fimela.com edited by Gold’s Gym Indonesia