Stars in the Club: Nikita Willy Prefers Hardcore Training!
May 11, 2015

Who would’ve thought this soap opera actress most known for her role as a vulnerable and docile protagonist actually prefers hardcore training when she’s working her body off at the gym! Watch the newest episode of Gold’s Gym Channel – Stars in the Club and let’s get up close and personal with this uber cute Gold’s Gym VIP member, Nikita Willy!
Don’t let her sweet smile and cute face fool you! Nikita Willy might look like a typical damsel in distress, but believe you me she needs no protection from anyone! During her personal training session at Gold’s Gym Cilandak Townsquare, she personally asked her trainer to not go easy on her. “At first my trainer gave me a rather easy regimen – the kinds of set typically given to most women – but then I asked him for something more challenging and hardcore because I like it that way!”
In the newest episode of Gold’s Gym Channel – Stars in the club, Nikita Willy can be seen doing boxing and weight as well as functional training to increase her endurance and strength with her Personal Trainer. She’s not afraid to do a more challenging set that typical women tend to shy away from because she wants to get toned muscle and a better body shape. She would also like to defy the stereotype she got from the usual character she plays. “On the screen, I’m used to getting a typical damsel in distress and feminine roles, but off the screen when it comes to fitness, I want something different.”
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