Gain Weight During Ramadhan? No Way!
June 8, 2015

Are you one of those people who wishes to be fit and lean simply by fasting alone? Unfortunately this expectation often leads to disappointment because in reality, many of us who us are gaining weight after underwent the unhealthy Ramadan ‘tradition’, such as revenge eating, excessive food craving, and not staying active.  Before you regret everything, let’s make some changes! This Ramadan let's fight the old tradition with steadFAST.

Steadfast specifically designed by Gold’s Gym Indonesia to improve the health and fitness of the people who fast during Ramadan. In this low impact exercise program, which will run for two times a week for two months, a trainer will be given to each member. There is no need to worry if the program will interrupt your schedule or causing dehydration, because you can choose the schedule according to your ability. A full-body workout that combines certain amounts of repetitions, steadFAST is effective and safe to do during fasting.

Join us this June because there is a one-month get three months membership promo for new join member. As for the existing member, there is a free cool shoe bag for every member who recommends steadFAST to their friends.

This month, let’s transform the old ‘tradition’ into a new healthy habit that will change your life and the people around you.

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