Sugar, Not Your Best Friend
June 17, 2015

When the evening prayer is in the air, signaling the time for the fast to end, many of us are rushing to the fridge to break the fast with a glass of cold and sweet drink. Sugar craving is natural to happen during fasting month, our body asking for sugar to compensate for the fasting. However, overconsumption of sugar can directly lead to many health issues.

For example, a bowl of Kolak Pisang (stewed banana with coconut cream) contains more than 400 calories of sugar and fat. If Kolak Pisang becomes a staple of your break-the-fast meals, prepare to experience a spike in your blood sugar along with sudden weight gain.

Simple carbohydrates are the silent enemy that can be found in rice or pasta. Our digestive system will break down the carbohydrates into sugar and when you eat too much sugar it will cause insulin to spike. In response, you will wind up hungrier and experience an out-of-control craving.

According to Dr. Phaidon, a doctor and health motivator, sugar can be obtained from healthier sources, such as fruits. Not only will delay the hunger, fiber from fruits helps to complete the colon cleanse. Remember to choose locally grown fruits! Not only beneficial to the local farmers, local fruits are relatively safer because they do not contain added preservatives or wax coating.

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