Salmon Vs Local Fishes
June 16, 2015

Salmon are famous as everyone’s favorite in almost every restaurant that serves Asia or Western food. In addition to rich in protein and Omega-3, salmon are delicious and there is literally endless way to cook it.

Despite its tastiness, there are many Indonesian people who are still unfamiliar with salmon. The number one reason is because the salmon’s high prices. One kilo salmon fillet cost about four to five hundred thousand rupiah. So expensive!

If nutrition is what you seek, there are cheaper alternatives to salmon, which are local fishes. They are delicious too!

1. Salmon VS Milkfish

Although Milkfish is less popular compared to salmon, it contains Omega-3 six times higher than salmon!

Based on the research from the Institute for Fisheries Development and Quality Testing (1996), the amount of Omega-3 in milkfish (14,2%) exceeding the amount of Omega-3 found in salmon (2,6%), tuna (0,2%), and sardines (3,9%).


2. Salmon VS Catfish

Often regarded as the “low class” kind of fish, when it prepared and cooked well, catfish is a source of high quality protein.
Head to head comparison of both fishes, the Omega-3 in catfish are not as high as salmon. Don’t worry; there is some good news! Both salmon and catfish serve as equally excellent sources of protein, although catfish has higher amount of calcium, fiber, and iron.

3. Salmon VS Green Mussel

Easily found in traditional and modern marker, green mussels contain Omega-3 although it’s lower compared to salmon.  

There was an issue regarding the safety of green mussel. There is a saying that they are poisonous. It is true? Mussels are belongs to mollusk family, they don’t have any liver to filter any toxin that trying to penetrate into their body. Sure you are still allowed to eat green mussels, but please be sure that the water where they are belongs is clean.