How to Get Workout Results More Optimal?
April 27, 2015

Maybe the question above does sound simple. The fact is, there are many factors that determine the success of your effort, sweat, time and energy spent at thegym. Well-preparations such as nutrient intakes and proper rest are something we should have known and applied every single time we hit the gym. Nevertheless, there is one thing that is often forgotten; maintaining the liquid intake and body ION needs during the exercise time.

As it’s already well known, 50-70% of the human body consists of the liquid (depending on the size of one’s body). The body fluid consists of 7 major IONs, with each has its own role and functions regarding organs’ performance. For example, there is Sodium that maintains muscle and nerve function, Potassium which regulates heartbeat and muscle function, Magnesium which helps the conversion of blood sugar into energy, and so on. Unwittingly, all of those IONs are always wasted from the body through a variety of forms; sweat, urine, etc. Especially for those who tend to practice really hard in the gym, sweat gushed out like a 'highway' for the IONs out of the body. If you don’t replenish your body ION intake immediately, the risk of dehydration to muscle cramps can interfere with your exercise progress.

So, how could we prevent the lack of body liquid to get the best result of our hard training?

We often thought that drinking mineral water is enough to get rid of our body’s thirst after working out. The truth is, drinking water is not enough to restore the body fluids, since it doesn’t contain the IONS needed by our body to maintain its performance.

According to dr. Hario Tilarso, Sp.KO, FACSM, people who exercise in moderate intensity is recommended to drink ION in a cold temperature (20°C) for approximately 100-200 cc after 20 minutes of exercising, followed by regular hydration in every 20 minutes.

As for a higher intensity exercise, we will require more ION drink, approximately 250 cc. Aside from that, the drink itself has to contain carbohydrate, electrolyte with 6-8% sugar, and in temperature below 22°C. This is due to the fact that our body will absorb colder drink quicker.

That's why POCARI SWEAT is crucial for our body to restore its body fluids. Besides containing the same IONs that live in our body, POCARI SWEAT’s compositions are the most similar ones with human’s body, so our body could rapidly absorb it. By rehydrating our body regularly with POCARI SWEAT, the risk of dehydration and muscle cramps will be reduced.

So, from now on don't forget to keep our body hydrated with POCARI SWEAT. With the combination of good nutrition, proper rest and well-hydrated body, you will be amazed by the result of your training!

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